Timekeeping Module

The biometric fingerprint reader-based timekeeping module automates the timekeeping process, gives global visibility into who is in and who is out, and feeds into the ARRA module.


Primary users: All employees who clock in and out.

Employees tap on the biometric timekeeping reader and are automatically clocked in or clocked out. The time per employee is 2 seconds, so more than 25 employees can be processed per minute. The reader is attached to a PC via USB, and should be placed near the entrance to each location (or where employees have access).

If the location is busy or runs at odd hours, we recommend a dedicated PC with only the monitor showing, and the CPU, keyboard and mouse out of sight (or locked). If there are very few users, one of the PCs or laptops can be the designated 'Timekeeping Station', but it can also be used for other functions.

Your Agency can decide if it wants to have users log in anywhere (which requires an always-on Internet connection), or be dedicated to one location (which can then have an occasional Internet connection if connectivity is an issue).


The Timekeeper is stand-alone software with Enroll and Identify functions. The Supervisor enrolls the employee's fingerprint  by asking employees to touch the biometric reader 4 times. This creates a template for the Recognition Software. Thereafter, employees can tap in and out.

The Recognition Software is licensed from the World Leader Griaule Biometrics, which has been certified by the FBI. Click here to see the certificates. Using sophisticated algorithms, it recognizes the employee. To understand this further, look up this article on Fingerprint Recognition.


Primary users: Site Supervisor to Add New and Edit, Everyone to view Home page.

Add New uses a wizard approach to select the site, enter the new employee's name, time in and time out, number of days to work in a week, the lunch hour and whether lunch is included or not. This employee's name immediately appears in the Timekeeper software, enabling the supervisor to enroll.

Home page shows ALL employees, with a green button lighted if they are in, or a red button lighted if they are out.

Edit page enables Supervisors to edit existing data, and set the available Leave - Sick Leave, Vacation, and Personal Time. Other leave categories can be set in Admin>Settings>Employees.


Primary users: Site Supervisor to approve Timesheets, CFO to approve Overtime.

Timesheet: The Supervisor can see the weekly timesheets of all employees at that site. There is one row for every day elapsed, with time in and time out captured by the biometric device. If the number of hours have been exceeded, the Supervisor can click on 'Compensatory' to add these hours to a pool, or on 'Overtime' to process an Overtime Request. The overtime request requires an explanation of why overtime is justified, and also why compensatory time is not being used. The request is then routed to the appropriate person (set in Roles) to either approve or deny. If approved, the hours are displayed in the Overtime column. If denied, the hours are added to compensatory pool.

If the employee has a shortage of hours, the Adjust button appears. The supervisor clicks on this button and selects the reasons for adjustment, including Jury duty, Bereavement Leave, Off Site Training, Unpaid Leave, or Other criteria set in Admin>Settings>Employees.

Overtime: As per permissions set in Roles, the approving officer can see this window which displays all overtime requests. They can click on Approve or Deny, and enter their notes in the Remarks column.


Primary users: Central Office Payroll Officer

The Central Office Payroll officer can see a single window showing each employees' weekly Time in a single row, with columns for Overtime, Sick Leave, Vacation Leave, Unpaid Leave, Jury Duty, Bereavement Leave, and Other. They can drill down to the actual timesheet to see details.

They can export this to Excel for onward transmission to their Payroll Processor. If you have QuickBooks as your financial software and have signed up for QuickBooks Payroll, the timesheet will be automatically exported to QuickBooks. [Inside QuickBooks, the Payroll Officer has to enter a PIN and Submit for Intuit to process the direct deposits and pay the taxes].


Primary users: All employees

Employees can log in to see their own timesheets, as well as utilization of Leave. This frees up the Payroll Processo