Customer Module

This Module automates the process of invoicing, sending statements, receiving payments, and depositing funds. It also provides streamlined document management: Enrollment, Signed vouchers, Invoices, Statements, Deposits. Cloud Computing enables the documents to be sent to the payor as hyperlinks which open up when clicked in their email.


Primary users: Family Workers at site to add new children

ADD NEW page is a wizard that walks the user step by step through the addition of a Child to the System.

The Enrollment paperwork needs to have been scanned first.

The site is selected first, and the child's name is added. The enrollment form is attached, and OpCenter uploads it. The Guardian's name and address are added, and the relationship specified. The payment method is specified: is it Self, or Third Party? If third party, the drop-down appears and the Payor selected. The next step is to indicate if a copayment is due, and if so, how much? A new copayment amount can be added by clicking on Add New in the drop-down. The guardian's phone numbers and email are then captured if available.

HOME page displays all children at that site. If it is Central Office, there is a drop-down to select the site. There is also a Search button. The table displays the child's name, guardian's name, phone numbers, and co-pay amount. The enrollment form can be viewed. The edit button enables changes to be made, and the delete button visible as long as no invoice has been created.


Primary users: Family Workers at site to scan Vouchers signed by Parents, A/R Staff to create invoices.

ADD NEW page displays a list of all children who have NOT yet been invoiced, as well as the last period they were invoiced for. It also shows the rate applied last time.

The voucher signed by the parent needs to have been scanned first.

The user clicks on the Child's name, and wizard walks them step by step through the process of attaching the scanned voucher, indicating the number of days the child was present, and the rate if different. When they save, OpCenter automatically generates an invoice for the 3rd party payor deducting the co-pay if applicable, and an invoice to the parent for the co-pay. The hyperlink to the scanned voucher is embedded in the invoice, and will be visible to the recipient when they click on it (uses Cloud Computing, explained below).

These invoices are updated to the financial software in the next sync.

HOME Page shows all unpaid invoices, with amount due and aging.

HISTORY shows all past invoices.


Primary users: A/R Staff

NEW page shows a list of all invoices that have been generated. Using the check box, the user indicates which of these are to be compiled into a Statement to be sent to the appropriate Payor /Parent. When they click on Generate Statement, OpCenter automatically creates one statement per Payor per site per month. This statement has a table showing the child name, invoice number, total amount and how much is due from this Payor. Each row has a hyperlink that opens the invoice, and within each invoice is a hyperlink displaying the signed voucher.

The HOME page shows all statements that  have any amount due, with the original amount, paid so far and the balance. User can also view the statement.

The HISTORY page shows all statements, and the date the email was last sent. User can click on a button and resend the email.

The EMAIL function is enabled by OpCenter's Cloud Computing infrastructure. The user can click on a button to send an email to the payor. OpCenter composes the email and sends it to the payor, cc: sender. The recipient clicks on the link in the email to view the actual pdf, and the hyperlinks to drill down to the supporting documents.


Primary users: A/R Staff

HOME page shows all Payors and the amount of payment due. Using a wizard, it guides the user step by step through the processing payments received against statements sent. User indicates the amount received, payment method and bank to deposit to; next, it shows the list of all the invoices referenced by child's name as well as the amount due. User then indicates if full payment has been received against this particular invoice, or if partial or none. Only when the totals match can the user save.

This information is updated to the financial software in the next sync.

The DEPOSITS page shows all the payments that have been received but not yet deposited. User clicks on all the checks that are to be deposited, and OpCenter composes one deposit slip for each bank, with the voucher indicating invoice #, name of the child and amount paid. User feeds in Blank Check Stock, prints out the Deposit slip as per Bank approved format with 2 vouchers, and deposit it in the bank.

HISTORY shows all payments received.


Primary users: A/R Staff

ADD NEW enables you to add new third party payors.

HOME page shows all existing Payors, with  contact information.

HISTORY page shows all statements sent to Payors, balance due, and view actual statement.


Primary users: Family Workers at site, Site Supervisors, A/R Staff

The Documents folder enables users to see the documents automatically filed by the system that pertain to Children.

They can view Deposits, Enrollment Forms, and in monthly folders for each site, the Vouchers, Invoices and Statements.