ARRA Module

The ARRA Module automates the process of collating and submitting quarterly data to to meet their three goals of Qualitative reporting, Quantitative reporting, and Employment generation. We owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Perry Davis, Fiscal/Management Specialist and Instructor at T/TAS, Western Kentucky University, for his insight and guidance. Click here to learn more about Mr. Davis and T/TAS.
The ARRA Module is evidence of OpCenter's
  • Speed: This module was developed in 2 weeks.
  • Free updates: This module is automatically available to ALL customers, free of cost.
  • Service: Our current customers used the ARRA module to file their Quarterly Report for Sept. 30th, 2009.


Primary Users: Top Management
ADD NEW page displays a Wizard that takes you through the steps of:
Adding a Grant, your address and a high-level description of the purpose of this Grant.
Copying over the values from Page 1 of your Award letter, capturing the PMS Document Number, Awarding Office, Award number and Amendment thereof, Budget and Project Period, CAT #, Congressional District, and Principal Investigator.
Entering the Approved Budget, Award Computation, Federal Share Computation, and Financial Information.
Deciding whether you are supposed to report Highly Compensated Officers, and specifying their names if needed.
The DESCRIPTION Page focuses on the Qualitative Aspects of the ARRA Grant. Against each non-zero budget item, you can enter a high level description of what will be done.
The ACTIVITIES Page converts these into actionable steps, or Tasks. Here, you indicate the Task that needs to be done, the responsible Content Area Expert, the weightage of this task for that line item, and the Cost Code.
The HOME Page displays all the Grants. You can view the original Grant, click on the Edit button to edit, and view upto the minute % complete based upon Activities updated by your Content Area Experts.


Primary Users: Content Area Experts, Top Management
The HOME Page displays ALL Activities for ALL Content Area Experts, and % complete. You can drill down to view the history of all updates for that Activity. Content Area Experts, though, can only see their own activities.
The UPDATE Page enables Content Area Experts to file an update. They click on the Update button, and in the window that opens, describe what has been done. They can attach a document if applicable, and indicate % complete.
The HISTORY Page displays all updates filed by Content Area Experts in chronological order. The Search button enables you to search by Content Area Expert and date range.
The CONSOLIDATE Page is where the Content Area Experts can pull together all their progress reports into a Final, Consolidated Report. They specify the period for which they are reporting, details of work done, and % complete. This flows through to the final ARRA report.


Primary users: Top Management
The ADD NEW page displays ALL employees, and enables you to select those employees that are ARRA beneficiaries. Once you select an employee, you need to indicate if they are New, or this was a job that would have gone Unfilled, or these are additional hours for existing employees, i.e. Retention for all hours beyond the number you specify. You then need to indicate the cost codes and % thereof that would be paying for these ARRA employees. if it is a vendor employee who will show up for work and clock in and out, you can select the PO relevant to this employee.
The HOME page displays all the above employees, number of hours worked this quarter and cumulatively, and the Full Time Equivalent thereof in each category of employee.
The VENDOR page displays all employees by Vendor, and their FTE calculation as above.
The CONSOLIDATE page displays all employees, first by Agency and then by Vendor, with one line for each category. There are columns for # FTE New, # FTE Unfilled, #FTE Retention, and #FTE Total. This is continuously computed based upon the time clock, and automatically flows into the Employee Section of the ARRA Report.


Primary Users: Top Management
The GENERAL page shows all the high level data.
The FINANCIAL page shows all vendors who have been paid from ARRA funds. This is automatically and continuously computed based upon the fact that we added a Grant of Type=ARRA, added a Budget, issued POs from that budget, and paid vendors. The Financial Page displays the number and amount of payments made to vendors who are individuals that do not exceed $25,000 for this quarter, the same for companies. It also displays total funds deposited [from Deposits against the ARRA Grant], and the total of ALL Payments made.
The VENDOR page shows all payments made, with one row for each vendor, and drill down to the actual PO, Bill and Check. The third table is for vendors who were paid more that $25,000 in the past quarter.
The ACTIVITIES page displays all consolidated reports filed by Content Area Experts. This computes the weightage of that activity, and then computes the weighted average of all activities (incl. jobs not yet started). This is then translated into the ARRA category of less than 50% complete or greater. [Note that the Grants Home Page shows % complete for ALL activities, whilst this page shows % complete only for Consolidated Reports].
The JOBS page displays FTEs as per the Jobs Consolidate page.
The COMPOSE page is where the Agency has to indicate if this is the Final Report. The Quarter is pre-selected based on the current date and ARRA rules.
On the SUBMIT page, when you click on the Generate Report button, OpCenter creates an .xml file in ARRA format, and you can save it to your desktop. Then, click on the button and website opens. Sign in, accept the terms and conditions, and upload the .xml file. If any validation error is reported back by, it is our responsibility to cure it and ensure satisfactory submission within 1 business day for all customers under current maintenance contract.