• QuickBooks in your pocket

    Business owners can complete their transactions in the field. View, add and edit  customers, create estimates, invoices, sales receipts, accept payment by cash check or credit card, email a pdf to client from the iphone, and write back to QuickBooks desktop (2006+, Pro/Pre/Ent) over the air.

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  • OpCenter Grant Management

    Grant Center enables Non Profits to create budgets, allocate to programs, and create encumbrances when the PO is issued. Multi-person workflow based on roles and approval levels. Send scanned bill for approval, track A/P, and issue checks on blank stock.

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  • OpCenter Easy Payments

    Convert your iPhone into a merchant terminal. Accept credit cards and sync with QuickBooks desktop over the air.

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  • QuickBooks OpCenter View

    Critical financial and customer data for the Business Owner, securely and automatically PUSHED from QuickBooks on your desktop to your iPhone. And stored in the iPhone database. $4.99/month. Charged for the quarter in advance, and every quarter thereafter.

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Payments Module

This Module assures fiscal control. A bill cannot be processed until an approved PO is in place, and checks are printed out on blank stock. Thus, there is no checkbook to "pay now, catch up later".


Primary users: Accounts Payable staff.
Scan incoming bills and save them in a temporary folder, either on the network or desktop. Click on the PO, enter bill #, date, and amount, and attach the scanned bill. OpCenter uploads the bill into its secure filing system, and the scanned image in the temporary folder can be deleted. The bill goes for approval.
If the PO is fully paid, the bill disappears. If there is any amount pending, the pending amount is visible. Click on the Close button closes out this PO, and the unused amount is released back into unencumbered funds (visible on Grants Home Page).


Primary users: Purchase Managers
All bills are visible in the Approve Page, with the ability to view the actual PO and Bill. The Purchase Manager checks off the confirm button, and the bill moves to the Pay Bills window.
This bill is automatically updated to your financial package.


Primary users: Controller / CFO
All bills are visible, with the ability to view the PO and Bill. The User selects bank account to pay from, and checks off whether to pay in full, or indicates partial amount to be paid. Clicks on Confirm, and the Checks are automatically created. On BLANK STOCK.
The bill payment checks are automatically updated to your financial package.


Primary users: A/P staff
The Check Register shows the normal data shown in all financial packages: Check #, Vendor, Date, and Amount.
It also shows the cost code and site, and enables you to view the PO, Bill and Check.
The search function enables you to search by check #, vendor, date range and amount.
You can also void a check, which puts it back in the Pay Bills window.
Voided checks are also posted to your financial package.


Primary users: A/P staff, Controller
Paid Bills enables you to search for paid bills by vendor.
Unpaid Bills enables you to view all unpaid bills, and delete them if needed. This is auto-updated to your financial package.
Transactions enables you to search for transactions for a cost code, within a date range, etc. This can be exported to excel.