Management Module

The Management Module gives top management a single dashboard to view all Grants and drill down to details, and drill further down to the actual underlying document within 2 clicks.


Primary user: CEO/CFO/Controller

HOME Page gives a 360 degree view of ALL grants.See the original amount, amount encumbered through Purchase Orders, Total Grants received, Grant year begin and end date, % time elapsed and % dollar spent. Drill down to Deposit details, and view the actual payments with supporting bills and actual checks. Export to excel.

ADD NEW Grants anytime, with no limit. These will be automatically coded in your financial transactions when OpCenter posts to your financial software. e.g. in QuickBooks, each Grant will be a Class.
VIEW contact information of all Funding agencies, with unlimited contacts.


Primary user: CFO/Controller
HOME Page: See the budgets allocated to each site. Drill down to view budget by cost code, allocated to each site. Export to .xls
ADD NEW Budget for the next year. All cost codes are visible.
RECEIVE Grant letter, attach it, and modify the final budget.
ALLOCATE budget by cost code to one or multiple sites. To enable allocation of budget across multiple sites, the Wizard steps through all the Budgeted cost codes one by one, and only when the row total matches does the Next row appear. When the totals match, the Save & Commit button appears.
TRANSFER available funds between cost codes and sites in a single, excel-style matrix.
AMEND budget when more funds are received.


Primary user: Controller
RECEIVE funds from Grant agencies, select bank account to deposit to. This is automatically updated to your financial software in the next sync.
VIEW all deposits from all agencies.