FAQs on Opcenter.view and WebBooks

Do you still sell .View and WebBooks?

No. They have been succeeded by qBooks, which unifies the functionality.

Then why are you still featuring these products?

These products made history and are important for you to understand just how cutting edge we have been (through the lens of history) so you realize how cutting edge we are. Opcenter.view was a released in 2008 as a subscription model when Apple did not allow subscription models! It was also featured by InfoWorld as a top 5 business app in App Store in the company of Oracle and Salesforce.

webBooks wrote back to QuickBooks desktop over the air, the first ever app to do so.

Where is the qBooks site?


Why not put the installer here?

We did earlier, but users would download the installer for the wrong product! So we made a separate site which has only the qBooks installer. And removed all installers from here.

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Integration with Accounting Software

Do you work only with QuickBooks?

No. We are agnostic. We will work with whatever software you currently use. If the software has an SDK (Software Developer Kit aka API: Application Programming Interface) we can automate the push and the pull of data. If it doesn't, we can introduce a manual step. We have implemented solutions for Sage Peachtree, Sage BusinessWorks, Sage MIP, Sage X3, Blackbaud Fundware.

Which version of QuickBooks do you work with?

2006 and above. Pro, Premier, Enterprise. And QuickBooks online too.

Do you post timesheets to QuickBooks?


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