Purchase Module

This Module enables the Agency to streamline its purchasing process, while maintaining fiscal discipline as per its approved policies. The supervisor or purchaser can independently look up available funds and create a requisition only if funds are available, as well as monitor if and when the PO was approved. The multi-stage approval process ensures approvals as per policy, and only when all the requirements have been met does the PO get generated with digital time stamps of everyone that approved. The Vendor page gives full contact and transaction details.


Primary Users: Site Supervisors, Purchasers.

Site supervisors and purchasers can view availability of funds for a particular cost code from ALL Grants. Central Office staff can see availability for all sites, but Site staff can see only their own site.


Primary Users: Site Supervisors, Purchasers.

Add New requisitions is a wizard that takes a Site Supervisor or a Purchaser through the steps of making a requisition. They first select cost code, and view the total of ALL funds available. They indicate the PO value, and a table appears showing all the Grants that have funds available and the start and end date of the Grant period. They can select one or multiple Grants, and indicate % due from each grant. [This is automatically coded into the PO, and all bills received will be automatically coded to the Grant and posted to the Agency's Financial Software. The Approver can modify this allocation, though]. All vendors associated with this cost code appear in a window, and they select one. Or they can add another vendor.

Then they indicate what document is being attached (e.g. if you are purchasing stationery, you attach the 'shopping list'; if its a boiler valve repair, you attach the spec sheet) and browse to the scanned image. The final step is to indicate what is being bought - this ports over to the ARRA report if applicable, and optionally indicate internal notes as to why this purchase is being made. When they save, they get a prompt that PO has been sent for approval.

This also encumbers the budget to prevent others from accidentally using this amount in other requisitions.

Home Page shows all requisitions that have NOT yet been approved, enabling the requisitioner to modify or delete the requisition.

History Page shows all requisitions that were approved and have become Purchase Orders. User can view the PO.


Primary Users: Purchaser Managers and Top Management.

Multi-stage Approvals based upon Agency's policy, set in Admin>Settings>Approvals.

To illustrate, suppose your Agency's policy empowers Purchase Managers to approve upto 1,000.00, your CFO to approve upto $5,000.00, your CEO to approve upto $10,000 and the Board thereafter.

Approval Level 1: The Purchase Manager views all Requisitions, clicks on Confirm. If the value is within their approval limit, a Purchase Order is automatically generated with the time stamp and the Approver's name. If not, the requisition disappears from their view, and waits in Approval Level 2.

Level 2: The CFO logs in, views only those POs that need his/her approval, and clicks on Confirm. If the value is within their limit, a PO is generated with the First Level Approver and their Time Stamp, and the Second Level Approver and their time stamp. If it is outside their approval limit, the requisition disappears from view and waits in Level 3 for approval.

Level 3: The CEO logs in, views all POs pending his/her approval, and clicks on Confirm. The same cycle repeats, with PO emerging with all three approver's names and time stamp, or being routed for Level 4 approval.

Level 4: The level 4 approver logs in, views all POs pending, attaches Board Resolution if needed, and Confirms. The PO emerges with approver's time stamps.

Other scenarios: You can have all 4 levels mandatory for all values; anyone can approve at any time, but PO emerges only after the last approver.


Primary Users: A/P staff.

Home page shows all POs that have been approved. There is a button to show approval details, as well as to view and print out the PO.

History: Enables a search of all POs.Purchase Order


Primary users: A/P staff

Vendors are imported from your financial software during setup.

Add New page enables you to add vendors. To conform to ARRA, the first decision is whether this is an individual or Corporation. You can then enter the FEIN and DUNS # to meet ARRA requirements. You can add a contact, and then associate this vendor with one or multiple cost codes. These vendors are automatically updated to your financial software when the first bill is received.

Home page shows ALL vendors, including the ones that were imported from your financial package. You can update their information, add multiple contacts, view these contacts and add new cost codes. Note that cost codes are also automatically updated when you add the vendor during the requisition process. You can also make vendors inactive, which disables future POs from being issued to them.

Payment History shows details of all bills entered for that vendor. You can also view the PO, Bill and Check.

Inactive page shows all Vendors who have been made inactive. You can click on the Make Active button to make them active again.