Documents Module

OpCenter delivers powerful document management capabilities in three areas: Workflow, Manual, and HR. These documents are uploaded to our secure servers, and instantly backed up to the Cloud, assuring indestructability. Access is ONLY through OpCenter, which is rigorously controlled through Roles and Rights. And these documents can be viewed from anywhere, within the agency or from outside, without compromising security.


All documents that are created as part of the OpCenter Workflow are visible here. The folder structure and naming system establish the context. To illustrate
All Purchase Orders are in a folder called ApprovedPOs; the PO # comes first, followed by the vendor name.
The Bills folder, on the other hand, has vendor name followed by Bill #.
The Checks folder shows vendor name followed by Check #.
The Customers folder displays Deposits by date, Enrollment Forms by site with childname, Invoices in folders for each site, sub-folders for each month and the document itself as PayorName followed by Invoice #. The Statements Folder displays folders for each site, sub-folders for each month, and the Payorname_Document #.pdf.  Similarly, the Parent vouchers are also stored by site/Month/Childname.pdf.


This is where you can store other documents, and use OpCenter as an Corporate Electronic  Filing Cabinet. Add a folder, and within that folder, upload documents. Or add another folder, without limitation. Much like your Windows folder.



This meets the unique needs of the Human Resources Department.
ADD NEW page enables them to add new employees to the system. The Wizard guides them through adding employees, phone #, email, and then, all documents that need to be uploaded. The public area is for all HR Employees to see.
HOME page displays all current employees with phone #, and drill down to the above document list, which then enables viewing the document. The Terminate button enables you to terminate the employee, and in the pop-up that appears, enter the reason as well as attach a document.
The HISTORY page shows all terminated employees.
The PASSWORD protected area is for confidential documents. When you click on this, you are required to enter your password again. Once inside, you can upload confidential documents such as Appraisals, Medical records and other sensitive documents you don't want even the HR staff to access wit