OpCenter Grant Management

Grant Center enables Non Profits to create budgets, allocate to programs, and create encumbrances when the PO is issued. Multi-person workflow based on roles and approval levels. Send scanned bill for approval, track A/P, and issue checks on blank stock.

Management dashboard gives 360 degree view of all grants with drill down to underlying documentation. Donor management includes pledges, receipts, deposits and automated reminders. Automated sync with QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online and via IPP.

Management Module
1. Dashboard gives 360 Degree view of all Grants
2. Track multiple Grants across multiple budget periods
3. View encumbrances, available funds
4. Track % spent and % grant period elapsed
5. Drill down to the actual transaction
6. View contact information of all funding
1. Create Budgets by cost code.
2. Receive confirmation from funding agency.
3. Allocate budgets to sites.
1. Create Deposits.
2. View all Deposits for a Grant.
Purchase Module
1. View Available Budget.
2. By cost code.
3. By Funding Source.
4. By site.
5. Useful for Site Supervisors before creating POs.
1. Site supervisor creates requisition.
2. Attaches Order Form or Document.
3. Selects cost code.
4. Selects % paid by multiple funds.
5. This selection is coded all the way through accounts.
1. 4 levels of approval based on Dollar limits.
2. Agency can make them all mandatory.
3. Single click conversion to Purchase Order with Digital Stamp of who signed and when.
1. Requisition + Approval = PO in one click.
2. The available funds get Encumbered.
3. PO.pdf is created.
1. 360 degree view of Vendors.
2. Contact information.
3. Associated Cost Codes.
4. Communications.
5. POs, Contracts, Payments
Payment Module
1. Displays list of all Open POs.
2. Select PO, enter bill #, date and amount (Grants auto-coded).
3. Attach document, Send for approval.
4. View History of POs with status=Closed.
1. View all pending payments, with documentation.
2. Single click approval
1. Select bank account to pay from.
2. Select all checks to pay.
3. Select whether to pay full or partial.
4. Print on blank check stock. All Bank and
Account details auto-filled.
1. This check register shows you normal check
detail + the cost code, the funds and % used.
2. Drill down to the pdfs of PO, Bill and Check.
Customer Module
1. View customers by site, with enrollment forms
2. Set Payor
3. Set copay amount
4. Set and change programs
1. View all pending invoices
2. Attach Vouchers
3. Auto-Create invoices to Payor and Parent.
1. View all invoices
2. Single click Auto-create statements
3. For payor+period+site
1. Receive payments
2. Reconcile component invoices
3. Create Deposit slips
TimeKeeping Module
1. View all employees, see if they are in or out.
2. Add and Edit Own Employees / Vendor Emloyees
1. Supervisor approves weekly timesheets, adjusts leave.
2. Approves overtime.
Central office can process payroll with single click. Export to .xls
Employees can view their own timesheets and leave utilization.
Document Module
See all Documents created by OpCenter,
or captured as part of the workflow.
1. POs.
2. Bills.
3. Checks.
Manually Create directories, Upload documents.
Drag-and-drop (like Windows Explorer).
1. Capture documents for all employees - SS#,
Drivers License, Transcripts, Degrees.
2. Password protected area to add and view confidential documents -
fingerprints, court orders, garnishments, medical records, etc.
Admin Module
1. Add your company details and logo.
2. Add Sites.
3. Create Accounting Codes.
4. Create Cost Codes.
5. Create Revenue Codes
1. Add users who will access the system.
2. Assign them to Sites.
3. They can change password.
4. See who is currently logged on.
1. Create Roles controlling Edit / View / None
access to each of the 100+ tabs.
2. Designate each user to a Role.
3. View Role assigned to each user, reassign.
1. Integrate with QuickBooks.
2. Import Accounting Codes.
3. Cost codes become QuickBooks Items.
4. All bills, expenses and payments auto-posted.
5. Accurately coded, with each Funding Source = Class.
1. Add Checkbook details.
2. Modify PO, Contract and email Templates.
3. Edit Drop downs.
4. Set Defaults (30 day terms, backup locations
View logs of all changes made in each module.
1. View Unsuccessful login attempts.
2. Purchase Additional Licenses.
ARRA Module
1. Monitor current status of all Grants.
2. Add multiple ARRA Grants.
3. Create activities, assign Content Area Experts and weightage.
1. View all activities and progress so far.
2. Update your own activities.
3. Consolidate periodic reports.
1. Classify Employees as New, Unfilled or Retention.
2. View up to the minute FTEs.
1. ARRA Reports automatically created.
2. Single-click creation of xml to be uploaded to federalreporting.gov
incorporating General, Financial, Activities and Jobs created.
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