You can now create expenses from the road, and send a pdf to yourself or any users. Select the vendor you paid, the date of payment and the total amount paid. Then, select the customer for whom this expense was incurred (create a generic customer miscellaneous for all miscellaneous expenses), how you paid, and the payment reference - it could be a check number, or a credit card receipt reference.

Then you select whether this is a single expense, or for multiple expenses. If single, you need to select the account, enter qty and unit, and optionally, a memo. e.g. 3 bags of oranges, and in the memo, for Mrs. Smith's morning Juice.

If multiple, you also need to enter the amount. When done, you can either Save & New to start the whole process afresh, or Copy & New to copy these details over and make changes. When the total matches the amount you spent (and webBooks keeps track), you see the Save & Close button.

You can send a PDF to yourself or to anyone else. This posts to QuickBooks.