• QuickBooks in your pocket

    Business owners can complete their transactions in the field. View, add and edit  customers, create estimates, invoices, sales receipts, accept payment by cash check or credit card, email a pdf to client from the iphone, and write back to QuickBooks desktop (2006+, Pro/Pre/Ent) over the air.

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  • OpCenter Grant Management

    Grant Center enables Non Profits to create budgets, allocate to programs, and create encumbrances when the PO is issued. Multi-person workflow based on roles and approval levels. Send scanned bill for approval, track A/P, and issue checks on blank stock.

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  • OpCenter Easy Payments

    Convert your iPhone into a merchant terminal. Accept credit cards and sync with QuickBooks desktop over the air.

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  • QuickBooks OpCenter View

    Critical financial and customer data for the Business Owner, securely and automatically PUSHED from QuickBooks on your desktop to your iPhone. And stored in the iPhone database. $4.99/month. Charged for the quarter in advance, and every quarter thereafter.

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About Us

OpCenter is a product development company. We solve subtantial business problems through innovative solutions that we design, write the code for from scratch, implement, train, support, maintain and upgrade. Our customers are with us for the long haul - look at the testimonials.

OpCenter solves business problems through software. We write the code from scratch and use open source industrial strength technologies like Java, MySQL, Flash and html5.  We design the solution and always try to use your existing assets since we are only solving for what the software does NOT do rather than replace what it does DO!

We take on large challenges. We wrote from scratch an app that was launched in App Store in Sept 2008 OpCenter.View: View your QuickBooks data in your iPhone that was recognized by InformationWeek and classified in 2008 itself as a top 5 Business App on App store. We were a subscription model on App Store even before App Store had subscription models.

Our latest version,  qBooks, works on iPad Sleeter’s Charlie Russell wrote a blog that stated we are “a third-party addon developer who has developed their own database “sync” tool to manage access to QuickBooks, one that is superior to what Intuit has”. And qBooks was featured in Joe Woodard’s conference under Michelle Long’s track: “There’s an app for that”.

We write ERP-style software to solve the end-to-end problem for mid-sized firms. Here is a sample:

  1. BeerRun enables craft  breweries to manage their end-to-end process of planning, forecasting, purchase, sales, production monitoring, accurate costing and TTB reporting. This was developed in partnership and is sold through our exclusive distribution partner SWK Technologies.
  2. Returns Management Center enables Returns Logistics firms to issue RMAs, track RMAs in transit, use scan guns to receive and scan item serial numbers, and generate detailed reports used by some of the largest retailers and manufacturers. [contact us for a demo]
  3. Grant Center enables Head Start agencies and schools to manage grants, create budgets, encumber budgets when order is placed, go through 4 stages of approvals, print checks and view a check register that shows all supporting documents.
  4. Time Center enables fingerprint-based time capture from multiple locations, with real time visibility into who is in and out. Leave accrues based on rules; supervisors approve time and HR processes payroll with a single click, exporting directly into ADP, QuickBooks and Paychex.

We understand mission critical, and use dedicated, best-in-class infrastructure. The entire team is on our payroll, and we own the IP 100% (i.e. we don’t “borrow” or copy components). Our products have an Apple-style look and feel; all icons, no menus, and wizards to ensure the user proceeds step-by-step so there is no clutter and no mistakes. This makes for a rapid learningcurve. We explain everything through videos in youtube channels dedicated to the purpose.

Next Steps

You should contact us if:

  1. You use QuickBooks and have tried the marketplace but are not able to find a solution. We will bolt together your existing components and give you a dashboard with a single, unified view.
  2. You have multiple systems in your organization and are spending time re-entering data from one system into the other. We will be your data plumbers, piping your data from one system to another (always with middleware: rules-based error handling and a Rosetta Stone-type translation engine)
  3. You need to use portals for your customers to place orders, view orders, etc. We will build a pipe from the cloud into your QuickBooks where the transactions are posted, Purchase orders automatically issued to default vendors, and other functionality you might need.
  4. You need to empower your field team with mobile devices (like ipads and iphones) while controlling what they can see and do, while automating data entry into QuickBooks.
  5. If you think you have outgrown QuickBooks but would like to extend its life for a few more years, and need someone to solve a problem that everyone says cannot be solved!
  6. If you are hiring staff just to process paperwork!

You should NOT contact us if:

  1. You are a startup. It’s hard to imagine the problem and imagine the solution! We recommend getting QuickBooks, get started with your CPA, get a ProAdvisor, and when you’re cruising and the gears start grinding, you will have moved into the above catefory.
  2. You expect us to work for free.  We do good work, have a stellar reputation in every industry we play in, and expect to be paid.

About us

Hart SinghFounder Hart Singh is MIT-educated, a member of the Intuit Speakers Bureau and President of Opcenter LLC. As Co-Founder of the National Cloud Technologists Association, he teaches Cloud Technologies, Cloud Architecture and Design, and Cloud Operations at NJIT. As Adjunct Faculty, he has also taught Technology and Entrepreneurship to undergraduates and MBAs at Rutgers, NYU Poly and Fairleigh Dickinson University.

The 15-person developer team is Chennai-based and is responsible to write the code, maintain the systems and seamlessly migrate you through upgrades. When you open a ticket in our software, it is always solved before you get in the next morning.


We use and support Adobe Air, Android, AS400, Asterisk, BigCommerce, Blackbaud FundWare, Blackberry, DB2, EDI, FishBowl, Flex, Griaule Biometrics, html5, Intuit Partner Platform, Java, Mac OSX, .msi Installers, mySQL, Peachtree, QuickBooks SDK, Sage MIP, Sage X3, SSL, Struts, Swing, Tomcat, True Commerce, Windows 7 Mobile, xCode